About us

Armour is a global company headquartered in Bermuda which focuses on identifying, structuring and transacting value opportunities within the insurance, legacy insurance and reinsurance sectors.

Armour Group

As a group we are continually interacting with our clients, investors, counterparties and partners to provide effective solutions for global insurance and reinsurance companies. We continue to identify areas in the insurance and reinsurance sectors where we believe our team can create value.

Along with Armour’s permanent capital vehicle Armour provides our partners with capital and expense efficient solutions to exit non-core and legacy insurance business.

Core values

Armour brings together teams from across the insurance and reinsurance industry working with a wide range of partners. Our company is founded on our core values and behaviours which drive our business forward.


As a dynamic and open minded company we strive to approach situations uniquely to develop and create the most effective solutions.


We are passionate and committed and will always do our best to meet expectations.


Our business is made up of our people, partners and customers. We pride ourselves on treating all people fairly and with respect.


We are fully aware that no one solution fits all and most insurance structures are complex. We pride ourselves on thorough comprehensive analysis, with maximum effort to deliver our partners’ optimal results.

Our approach

Our business model is to utilise our expertise and dynamic nature to focus on solutions that create value for our partners, whether it is a capital investment, service provided or a combined solution. Armour has a track record of creating capital efficient solutions to partners across the global insurance and reinsurance industry and is always striving to improve, challenge and grow.

As a global company we have multiple offices worldwide in Bermuda, US, Europe and the UK giving us access to a breadth of specialised knowledge, skills and experience.

Our History


Armour was founded by Brad Huntington and John Williams in 2007 and the company started to create innovative solutions for re/insurance companies.


The group completed a number of transactions including the purchase of its first US Insurance company. The growth resulted in the opening of its Philadelphia office as a US base at 1880 JFK Boulevard.


The group significantly expanded its service platform and took on the full claims, reinsurance and accounting administration of the Orion Insurance Company (OIC). OIC was one of the largest insurance insolvencies globally with over $2bn of liabilities at take on. The group set up its central London offices which are today located at 20 Old Broad Street.


In 2012 Armour completed a significant US transaction involving the purchase of $2.2bn of legacy liabilities. Armour assumed operational responsibilities and acquired offices near Boston and in Buffalo.

This significantly expanded the US service platform and capabilities.



ILSIM became the exclusive Sub-Advisor to a Credit Suisse Asset Management, LLC investment managed fund with over $575 million of capital commitments (Fund I). With this partnership Armour increased its ability to offer clients a more complete solution to exit legacy portfolios.

$575 Million Fund I


The purchase of a significant European portfolio of $385 million of Medical Malpractice reserves from a global re/insurance company, as well as the purchase of a UK regulated and domiciled insurance company.

$385 Million Medical Malpractice


Purchase of further insurance entities based in Ireland and the UK.



Completed four European transactions with large insurance groups with reserves of over $440 million, as well as the purchase of further US entity.

European Transactions over $440 Million Reserves


Completed a US transaction with reserves of over $800 million. Armour announced that an Aquiline led group of investors became a significant shareholder in the Armour Group, investing an additional $500 million capital to help drive growth, creating a new Armour group structure.


$800 Million Reserves


Completed two European transactions with values of over $430 Million reserves. In addition to the Aquiline investment announced in 2017, over $930 million in capital commitments were secured to be deployed by a second fund investment managed by Credit Suisse Asset Management fund (Fund II).

$930 Million Fund II


So far in 2019 the group has completed European and US transactions of over $350 million reserves.

$350 Million invested in reserves to date

All transactions reference the combined Armour and ILSIM Controlled Entities’ investment.