Armour Capital Solutions

The insurance industry is evolving fast, facing a new and constantly changing environment. Expense pressure, capital requirements and increased regulatory scrutiny means our partners are looking for innovative and dynamic solutions which include both capital relief and a proven service platform.

Legal Entity Purchase

Creating both economic and legal finality immediately. We purchase the shares in the entity and take over full control and management of the business.

Loss Portfolio Transfer

A ground up reinsurance providing immediate economic finality, followed by the option of a legal business transfer, where possible to our regulated entities to provide legal finality. Armour takes on both the financial and operational liabilities, providing a solution that offers:

  • Significant capital relief freeing up assets from legacy years to utilise in the future business
  • Security through a structure that can provide 100% Solvency II or equivalent relief
  • Policyholder protection through the expertise and dedication of Armour. We ensure policyholders are protected and service standards maintained or Improved
  • Expense ratio reduction through a one-time removal of back year related expenses
  • Removal of volatility and uncertainty from claim development, pay-out patterns and interest rate risks

Legal Business Transfer

The legal insurance business transfer of a portfolio of business from a European or UK insurance company to one of Armour’s regulated Insurance entities to provide legal finality. This is often linked or combined with an LPT solution although it can be provided as a standalone solution.

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